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Some words about Doxycycline?

Doxycycline is an “antibiotic” drug, which is always used as a treatment from many bacterial contaminations. Also, you can use this antibiotic freely with other drugs because, despite the fact that it can enter into interaction with other medical supplies, it can not cause a harm to your health, which make us realize, that our medical supply is absolutely harmless for our health and can not bring us anything more than just benefits.

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Description of dosages

Solid gelatinous, yellow, cylindrical with hemispherical ends. The contents of the capsules are a yellow powder with white blotches. It is allowed to have capsule-shaped seals in the form of a column or a tablet, which, when pressed with a glass rod, crumble.

How you should take the drug?

Doxycycline need to be used inside beyond eating food. An inmate should bust the medical supply with a full glass of water. The diurnal serving should be taken in one time or partitioned into two portions, either twelve hours:
For most infections on the very first day of treatment, portion of two hundred milligrams of the drug. In the following days – one-two hundred milligrams per day, relying on the stringency of the illness. Infections, which was induced by chlamydia or mycoplasma, are effectively treated with a standard dose of Doxycycline for ten-fourteen days. It is feasible to combine Doxycycline another drugs (according to the guides). In primary and secondary syphilis, the drug is prescribed in a daily dose for at least ten days. When treating ends with failure, it is safe to use Doxycycline in your usual potion.

But be careful!

As any medical supply, Doxycycline has some side effects, and now I want to tell you about them.
If you use Doxycycline, you can possible have this side effects:

  • qualm,
  • upchuck,
  • anorexics,
  • tummy-ache,
  • looseness,
  • any allergy,
  • pruritus,
  • skin rashes (syrup contain substances that can cause attacks of bronchial suffocation),
  • vertigo,
  • transudation.

And rarer:

  • quincke’s edema,
  • photosensitivity,
  • eosinophilia.

If you use Doxycycline for a long time, you can get another possible effects, like neutropenia and apathy or passing elevation of the degree of the transaminases in a blood plasma, growth of candidiasis, changing the color of your teeth and so on.


To prevent having side effects, which was written above, here is a list of contradictions and if you have something from this list, you should better find another medical supply.
So, here they are:

  • Second half of the pregnancy, because it can harm the baby;
  • Breast-feeding (for the treatment period should abstain from this);
  • Teeth development period, because their color can be changed;
  • Leukopenia, porphyria and others;
  • Severe liver failure;
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